Think Safe, Work Safe, Home Safe

Safety is not just another line item to check off in our business. The more we think it and live it, the better chance we have of getting home to what matters most to all of us. We look at safety from an industry standpoint and we must all work together to ensure our wellbeing and hold one another accountable to best practices and creating a safer working environment for all. We work closely with our associates each day to ensure that we are always taking a proactive approach to safety.

Personal Protective Equipment

All employees receive company-provided personal protective equipment, including a hardhat, safety glasses, dipped gloves with grips, ear plugs, H2S monitor, head lamp, flame-resistant coveralls, fuel apron, and ice cleats.

Stop Work Authority

Stop-work authority permits any employee at any level to halt a job or task when a hazardous situation appears imminent.

Incident reporting and investigation policy

Before our employees arrive at a job site, they must complete a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) to identify potential hazards and to recommend the safest way to complete the job.

Our Safety Program Is Proudly Paperless.

ProudlyPaperlessTransparentBackground.pngManaging safety with paper is a huge pain! It's time-consuming, error-prone, and difficult to monitor accurately. That's why we've eliminated paper by using SiteDocs Safety Management Software. With SiteDocs, workers can fill out safety forms from an app on their phones, forms are automatically uploaded, and can be reviewed by safety management immediately. Not only does this save us hours and hours of time handling paper, but we can also monitor safety activity in real-time ensuring compliance across the entire company. Best of all, we can use the data to identify trends and patterns and quickly take action to resolve any deficiencies.

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