Freedom Fuels USA, Inc provides bulk fuel supply, onsite fueling services, lubricants including glycol and methanol and Hydrovac excavation services to the oil and gas markets across the United States.


Diesel Fuel Operations

Through our experience we understand how important it is to have strong relationships with both refineries and fuel brokers. These relationships have allotted us proper allocation to ensure our product supply channels are covered. Freedom Fuels has established accounts with multiple suppliers throughout the Rocky Mountain regions and Texas to ensure that we are always able to support our client’s needs. In addition to these relationships, we have additional storage at each of our yards to ensure that we are able to support multiple operating days in the event of weather delay or a break in our supply chain. You may worry about sand, water, or chemical but you will never worry about diesel!


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Hydrovac Services

Hydrovacs provide a non-mechanical, eco-friendly, and safe method of digging. Our Hydrovac services geared with high pressure, high temperature water can be used to excavate, trench, and pothole with safety and precision no matter the weather conditions.  Spills and overflows are handled with ease by our high-quality trucks and crews. 


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