We provide a 24-7, 365 day a year fueling service to support drilling and completion’s diesel needs. Our fleet is comprised of bulk trucks accompanied by transport trucks, and eight trailers to provide continuous fueling support to our end users.


Direct transport from refinery or rack

24 hour a day frac site fueling equipment with experienced personnel and traveling crews

We provide service to ancillary services such as workover rigs, wireline operations and pipeline construction

Innovative non hot zone fueling system

Bulk Fuel delivery



Assurance of supply

Through our experience we understand how important it is to have strong relationships with both refineries and fuel brokers. These relationships have allotted us proper allocation to ensure our product supply channels are covered. Freedom Fuels has established accounts with multiple suppliers throughout the Rocky Mountain states to ensure that we are always able to support our client’s needs. In addition to these relationships, we have additional storage at each of our yards to ensure that we are able to support multiple operating days in the event an err occurs in our logistics channel. You may worry about sand, water, or chemical but you will never worry about diesel!

Onsite Capabilities

Each site is equipped with both a bulk truck and bulk storage along with an operator and tech for both the day and night shift. This allows us to operate with 16,000 gallons of fuel on site and never dip below 5,000 gallons at any time. On our big burning sites or at the clients request we will proved an additional 5-20k skid trailer to ensure that our fuel supply is never in question. We provide containments for all of our fuel storing equipment on site and additional duck ponds that come with us during fuel runs. As an added level of assurance, we provide each site with a fuel filtering system with 7 micron fuel filters to ensure that our clients are always receiving clean fuel. This system is hooked up to the transport and is used to filter every load from the transport to the bulk truck.


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